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Vanderbilt Galleria - Naples, FLorida

Located in beautiful Naples, this location consists of over 11 buildings that provide the area with dining, legal council, medical, commercial and general office building. With a modern Florida style architecture this pristine center is in the middle of exterior renovation that includes carpentry, paint and demo.

Added 11-03-2015

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Old Town - Kissimmee, Florida

This legendary tourism location in Central Florida recieved a signficant makeover. Painting and renovating over 10 large buildings containing restaurants, commerical shopping and entertainment.

Added 10-15-2015

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Crosspoint Shopping Center - Hagerstown, Maryland

Renovating this shopping center by pressure washing the stores, bollards and some signs and then applying fresh paint. Other renovation included removing carpet and walls to prepare for new tenants. Capping off with crack filling the parking lot to prevent water intrusion.


Added 9-25-2015

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COOSA Town Center - Gadsden, Alabama

Situated in Gadsden, this beautiful shopping center got received the works from out talented craftsman. Starting off with a proper pressure wash and fresh coats of Sherwin Williams paint we then moved to using crack fill to prevent any further damage to asphalt. Then we topped off our visit with some routine maintenance and repairing light fixtures, awnings, water lines and more.

Added 04-17-2015

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East - West Commons - Austell, Georgia

Located just outside busy Atlanta this shopping center got a top to bottom update. Starting off with pressure washing and fresh Sherwin Williams paint we then moved to repairing sidewalk joints. Next our craftsmen moved to repair asphalt in the parking lot with crack fill and then restripe most of the parking lot.

Added 02-06-2015

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Valley Bend - Huntsville, Alabama

Valley Bend is a prestine location including a large number of restaurants and retail. Pressure washing and painting awnings, sidewalks, fire lane curbs. Pressure washing stores and service entrances to provide proper painting.

Added 01-04-2015